The School Act gives parents the right, through Parent Advisory Councils (PACs), to assume an advisory role in every school. You automatically become a member of the École Herbert Spencer PAC when your child enrolls at the school.  A PAC Executive Team, which meets once a month (the hour before the general PAC meeting), provides leadership for PAC initiatives and discussions, and manages the Council’s affairs between general meetings.

The PAC  fundraises and organizes events to enhance all children’s school experience while helping parents to be involved and informed. Fundraising is an important part of the activities put on or supported by the PAC throughout the year. Funds raised by the PAC are used to support parents, students and the teachers in a number of ways. The teachers are able to enrich the classroom experience and environment through some of the funds raised, field trips may be supported, computers and other technology purchased, books purchased for the library, educational seminars offered to parents, playground equipment etc. Although the spending must be approved, there are basically no restrictions on the funds raised through fundraising activities.

We look forward to meeting you, greeting you and working with you.

Please visit the following websites if you are interested in knowing more about the New Westminster District PAC or the BCCPAC