The PAC operates under a published Constitution and a yearly elected Executive Committee which consists of members that have specific responsibilities within the PAC. The elected positions include a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, District PAC Representative, and (for 2021/22) 13 Members-at-Large positions.

PAC Executives


  • MAL – Amber Orchard
  • MAL – Caroline Marklund
  • MAL – Amandeep Duhra
  • MAL – Mavra Pappas
  • MAL – Shawna McCardel
  • MAL – Amy Parr
  • MAL – Jen Rhyne
  • MAL – Rachel Abercombie
  • MAL – Karyn Audet
  • MAL – Fabricio D’Annunzio
  • MAL – Tanya Belga

How can I become a member of PAC?

Any parent or guardian of students registered at the school can become a member of PAC. The PAC has six Executive seats as well as a few Members at Large seats. The Executive roles change each year and are voted on at the June PAC meeting.

How can I get involved?

Two ways. Join the PAC committee or by volunteering at school events. PAC meetings are held throughout the school year. This year they will be on the first Wednesday of every month at 6:30 pm.

The meetings are held in the school library and all parents and guardians are encouraged to attend. It is an opportunity to become informed about school activities and to get involved, should you choose. We are always open to suggestions and ideas.

How do I find out what PAC is doing?

Communication from the PAC are sent in emails from the school or follow us on social – Instagram &  Facebook. Of course, you can just ask a PAC member too!

I love what PAC is doing! Can I make a donation to support their efforts?

Absolutely! A number of parents have asked to make a donation as they are unable to give of their time. We will gladly accept cash donations, 100% of which will go directly to supporting our activities. Donate online to receive a tax receipt.