Update regarding Coding, Curriculum and Computers

June 10, 2016

Premier Clark and Minister Bernier announced today that $6 Million will be invested in training for teachers to teach coding and the new curriculum, as well as for computers for classrooms.

The funds are allocated as follows:

$2 million for teacher training, specifically for the coding curriculum,
$2 million to help school districts purchase equipment and resources to support coding instruction, and
$2 million to help teachers bring the new curriculum to life in their classrooms.

It is good to see that funds are being allocated for training (in keeping with BCCPAC resolution 2016.7) as well as equipment but one wonders how far the allocated amount will go.

We know the PACs spend a considerable amount on technology and we hope to have some data from our PAC expenditures survey out to you soon.


John Bird
BCCPAC President